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Hardy Bulbs

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Jan 26, 2001 - Welcome
So much to do, and so little time to do it in. The good news is I've been doing lots of overtime at work. This means I'm earning real money to be able to put towards kitchen and bathroom renovations. The bad news is I've had little time to work on this web site, my 2000 Retic & Juno Bloom report, my Iris photo & article CD (I now have a burner), etc., etc. Hopefully I can get to some of those soon, but while there is real money to be earned, I'll take as much overtime as I can get.

Sept 5, 2000
I grow a lot of different hardy bulbs in Toronto, Canada where Winter temperatures drop as low as -26C (-6F). Many are not commonly available. This web site will allow me to share pictures of some of them with you, and it will point you to my other web sites which feature Reticulata Iris and Juno Iris.

I do have some surplus bulbs available, so if you are interested in something in particular, please let me know.

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Chionodoxa nana OB223

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Corydalis solida 'George Baker'